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Sauteed :

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Sauteed : সাঁতলান;

Related Words

sacked  sagged  sate  sated  satiated  saute  sauteed  sawed  scathe  scathed  scouted  sea weed  seated  seaweed  secede  seed  seeded  seedy  seized  settee  sewed  sexed  shaded  shouted  shut-eye  situated  skate  skated  soaked  soused  squatted  squeaked  squeezed  state  stated  statewide  statuette  statute  stayed  stead  steady  steed  stewed  stowed  succeed  succeeded  sucked  sued  suede  suggested  suite  suited  suttee  swathe  swayed  sweated  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Add to (বৃদ্ধি করা, যোগ করা): The doll-dance in the exhibition added to our pleasure.

Attention to(মনোযোগ): He has no attention to his studies.

Deal with (কারো সাথে ব্যবহার বা আচরণ করা): Shahid can deal well with the customers.

Full of (পরিপূর্ণ): Our Rivers are full of fishes.

Rebel against (বিদ্রোহ করা): The soldiers rebelled against the king.

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At home (comfortable— আরাম) He feels at home in Dhaka now.

In no time (শীঘ্র): He will finish the work in no time.

In black and white – (লিখিতভাবে) – Put forward your proposal in black and white.

Liable to mislead (প্রতারণাপূর্ণ- deceptive): Appearances can often be liable to mislead.

Read between the lines (understand the significance, অন্তনিহিত অর্থ বুঝা) Try to read between the lines of the letter.

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