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soaked Meaning: নিষিক্ত করা; আকণ্ঠ পান করান; চুপসান; সিক্ত করা; জলসিক্ত করা; শুষিয়া লত্তয়া; শুষিয়া যত্তয়া; সিক্ত হত্তয়া;

Related Words

sacked  sad  sagged  sated  sauteed  sawed  scathed  scooted  scouted  seated  seaweed  shaded  shocked  shouted  showed  shucked  skated  skidded  soaked  socked  socket  socketed  sod  soothed  soused  sowed  squawked  squeaked  stated  stayed  stowed  sucked  swayed  sweated  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Cope with(সামলানো বা পেরে উঠা): They cannot cope with the situation.

Grateful to (কৃতজ্ঞ): We should be grateful to our teachers.

Heir to (উত্তরাধিকার পাওয়া): He is an heir to a vast property.

Inferior to (নীচু/হীন): He is inferior to his neighbor.

Remind of (স্মরণ করিয়ে দেওয়া): He reminded me of his request to lend him some money.

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Cut to the quick (মর্মাহত হওয়া): I was cut to the quick by his birds.

Dead against (তীব্র বিরোধী - strongly opposed to): I am dead against corruption.

Gain Ground (সুবিধা পাওয়া): The wise are said to gain the ground in the long run.

Lose one’s heart (প্রেমে পড়া) — He lost his heart to the girl.

White elephant (অত্যন্ত ব্যয়সাপেক্ষ বিলাসিতা): At last the department proved to be a white elephant.

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