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Sawed :

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Sawed : করাত দিয়া; চিরা;

Related Words

sacked  sad  sagged  said  sate  sated  satiated  sauteed  sawed  scathed  sea weed  seated  seaweed  seed  seesawed  sewed  shaded  shadowed  sheathed  shed  showed  situated  skated  soaked  sowed  squashed  squatted  squawked  squeaked  stated  stayed  stewed  stowed  sued  swayed  sweated  swede  swished  

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Appropriate Prepositions

At lunch (দুপুরের খাবারে): They were talking so much at lunch that their food went cold.

Genius for (দক্ষতা): Nazrul had a genius for convincing girls.

Penalty for, with (দণ্ড, জরিমানা): She has paid the penalty for the misuse of power with two years in prison.

Solution to (সমাধান): None can solution to every problem.

Taste of (স্বাদ; অভিজ্ঞতা): They have had some taste of problems.

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At a discount (অনাদৃত) Female education is no longer at a discount now.

Fish in a troubled water (এলোমেলো অবস্থার সুযোগ নেয়া): He made a lot of money by fishing in a troubled water.

Irony of fate (ভাগ্যের পরিহাস): He could not succeed by irony of fate.

Upper hand (প্রাধান্য) - He got the upper hand in the selection.

Wild goose chase (useless pursuit, পন্ডশ্রম) —Do not waste time in wild goose chase.

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