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Said :

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Said : কথিত; ব্যক্ত;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Convenient to(সুবিধাজনক): The work is convenient to your nature.

Drop to (নিচে নামানো): Asif dropped his voice to a whisper.

Due to (কারণে): His absence is due to illness.

Enter into (আলোচনা করতে আরম্ভ করা): Let’s not enter into details at this stage.

Subject to (সাপেক্ষে): The man was appointed subject to the approval of the chairman.

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At dead of night (গভীর রাতে) The police caught the thief at dead of night.

Set something right (ঠিক করা)— He will set the machine right.

Speed money (ঘুষ; উৎকোচ): He hankers after speed money.

Upper hand (প্রাধান্য) - He got the upper hand in the selection.

Worthy of (যোগ্য) - He is worthy of a good job.

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