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Shied :

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Shied : নিক্ষেপ করা;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Abide by(মেনে চলা): We must abide by the rules of discipline.

Care for(গ্রাহ্য করা): I do not care for you.

Detrimental to (অপকারী): Smoking is detrimental to health.

Lost in (মগ্ন): Simon is lost in meditation.

Suffer from (অসুখে ভোগা, কষ্ট পাওয়া): He has been suffering from fever for last three days.

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All along - (সব সময়): I was present in the meeting all along.

At-fault (guilty-কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ়, অপরাধ, দোষ adj.) You are at fault.

Crying need (জরুরী): Mass education is a crying need for India.

Man of letters (পন্ডিত ব্যক্তি): You are truly a man of letters.

Three R's (প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা)— He has not yet learnt the three R's.

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