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Satiated :

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Satiated : তৃপ্ত;

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said  sate  sated  sati  satiate  satiated  satiety  saute  sauteed  sawed  scathed  seated  sheathed  shied  shithead  sided  sighted  site  situate  situated  sized  skate  skated  squatted  staid  state  stated  statewide  stati  statute  stayed  stead  steed  studied  suite  suited  sweated  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Abstain from(বিরত থাকা): I am trying to abstain from sweets for my new diet.

Arrive at(উপস্থিত হওয়া, পৌছানো): The train arrived at Dhaka station on time.

Careful of (সতর্ক): He is very careful of his fault.

Consent to(মত দেওয়া): The Prime Minister consented to the proposal.

Contemporary of (সমসাময়িক): William Wordsworth was a contemporary for greater efficiency.

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Look into something (তদন্ত করা- investigate) - The manager looked into the matter.

Null and void (বাতিল): The deed has been null and void now.

Round the clock (সমস্ত দিন): He is working round the clock.

Read between the lines (understand the significance, অন্তনিহিত অর্থ বুঝা) Try to read between the lines of the letter.

Set something right (ঠিক করা)— He will set the machine right.

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