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Stati :

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Stati : অবস্থা; পদমর্যাদা; হাল; প্রতিষ্ঠা;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Addicted to(খারাপ কিছুতে আসক্ত): She is addicted to collecting stamps.

Affectionate to(স্নেহশীল): He is very affectionate to his baby.

Attest to(প্রত্যয়ন করা): I like to attest to your ability.

Desire for (কামনা): He has no desire for fame.

Subject to (সাপেক্ষে): The man was appointed subject to the approval of the chairman.

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In black and white – (লিখিতভাবে) – Put forward your proposal in black and white.

Kith and kin (নিকট আত্মীয়): He has no relation with his kith and kin.

Milk and honey – (প্রাচুর্য)- He lives with milk and honey.

On the contrary (বিপরীত পক্ষে): I do not hate him; on the contrary I love him.

Run into debt (ঋণগ্রস্ত হওয়া)— He ran into debt.

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