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Stoat :

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Stoat : বেজি; একজাতের নকুল বা বেজি;

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sate  sati  scat  scot  seacoast  seat  set out  set-out  setout  sett  she goat  she-goat  shoat  shot  shut out  shutout  sit out  situate  situated  so that  soas to  soda  soot  sot  sothat  state  stated  stati  statue  statute  stay  stay to  stet  stoat  stout  stow  stowaway  swat  swot  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Anxious for (কারোর ব্যাপারে চিন্তিত): Sabbir was anxious for her.

Entitled to (অধিকারী): He is entitled to a reward for honesty.

Relevant to (প্রাসঙ্গিক): Your answer is not exactly relevant to my question.

Send for (ডেকে পাঠানো): Send for a doctor immediately.

Similar to (সদৃশ): My T-shirt is similar to yours.

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At times (মাঝে মাঝে): He at times comes here.

Make both ends meet (আয় ব্যয় মেলানো): I cannot make both ends meet with my small income.

Make hay while sun shines (ঝোপ বুঝে কোপ মারা) You should try to make hay while sun shines.

To the contrary (against what some one had said, পক্ষান্তরে) —He said nothing to the contrary.

Turn over a new leaf (begin a new phase of life, নবজীবন শুরু করা) —After his failure he turned over a new leaf.

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