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Stet :

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Stet : যাহা আছে তাহাই থাকুক;

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sate  sated  satiety  saute  seat  sect  sestet  set  sett  sextet  sheet  site  sixtieth  skate  state  stati  statuette  stead  steed  stet  stew  stoat  stout  stye  suet  suite  sweat  sweet  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Adjacent to (সন্নিহিত): His house was adjacent to the bridge.

Argue with, about(কথা কাটাকাটি করা): They always argue with me about tiny matter.

Busy with(ব্যস্ত থাকা): Rahim is now busy with her homework.

Convinced of (আশ্বস্ত): You are convinced of his product.

Good for, at (ভাল): This man is good for nothing. He is good at English.

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Brown study (day dream-দিবাস্বপ্ন -n) The woman is absorbed in a brown study.

Cock and bull story (আষাঢ়ে গল্প): You must be ashamed of your cock and bull story.

Lion’s share (বড় মাপের অংশ): He took the lion’s share of the profit.

On the wane (হ্রাসমান): His fame is on the wane now.

Out of date (সেকেলে): This fashion is out of date.

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