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Stead :

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Stead : স্থান;

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sad  said  sate  sated  satiated  sauteed  scooted  scouted  scythed  sea god  sea side  sea weed  seaside  seat  seated  seaweed  seed  seesawed  sheathed  shed  sheeted  shithead  shouted  sighted  site  situated  skated  socketed  soothed  squatted  squeaked  stadia  staid  stated  stay  stayed  stead  steady  steed  stet  stew  stewed  stowed  stud  stye  sued  suited  sweated  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Abhorrent to(ঘৃণ্য): Racism of any kind is abhorrent to me.

Annoyed with(ব্যক্তির সাথে বিরক্ত হওয়া): I am annoyed with him.

Business with (ব্যবসা, কাজ): He is pleased to do business with you.

Contribution to (অবদান): His invention made a major contribution to road safety.

Deprived of (বঞ্চিত): He was deprived of education due to extreme poverty.

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Pros and cons (খুঁটিনাটি): You should consider the pros and cons of the system.

Pick a quarrel (ঝগড়া করা)—Do not pick a quarrel.

To play on a fiddle (অনর্থক সময় নষ্ট করা - To waste time)-He played on a fiddle by nature.

Take to heart (মর্মাহত হওয়া)- He really took it to heart when I asked him to reconsider.

White elephant (অত্যন্ত ব্যয়সাপেক্ষ বিলাসিতা): At last the department proved to be a white elephant.

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