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stewed Meaning: চুর; মাতাল; মত্ত; স্টু-করা; স্ট্যু করা;

Related Words

sated  sauteed  sawed  scathed  scooted  scouted  scythed  sea weed  seated  seaweed  secede  seceded  seed  seeded  seedy  seesawed  seethed  seized  settee  sewed  sexed  sheeted  shouted  showed  sighted  skated  skew-eyed  soothed  sowed  stated  statewide  stayed  stead  steady  steed  stew  stewed  stowed  studded  studied  succeed  suited  suttee  swayed  sweated  swede  swished  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Adjacent to (সন্নিহিত): His house was adjacent to the bridge.

Cause for (চিন্তিত হওয়ার কারণ): He has never given me any cause for concern.

Cope with (এঁটে ওঠা; তাল মিলিয়ে চলা): They cannot cope with so much work.

Guess at (অনুমান করা): It is difficult to guess at the age of women.

Look at (তাকানো): Students look at the blackboard.

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Bear in mind (মনে রাখা): Always bear in mind that you are a daughter of a reputed person.

Dead language (যে ভাষা এখন আর কথ্য নয়): Sanskrit is a rich language, but it is now a dead language.

Dead of night (মধ্যরাত্রি): The robbers broke into the house at dead of night.

Lump sum (এক কালীন) — He gave us lump sum money.

Red letter day (স্মরণীয় দিন): The 16th December is a red letter day for us.

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