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Seaweed :

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Seaweed : সমুদ্র উদ্ভিদ্; সমুদ্র-শৈবাল;

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sacked  sagged  sated  sauteed  sawed  sea weed  seated  seaweed  secede  seed  seeded  seedy  seesawed  seethe  seethed  seized  settee  sewed  sexed  shaded  shadowed  sheathed  showed  skated  skew-eyed  soaked  sowed  squawked  squeaked  stated  stayed  stead  steady  steed  stewed  stowed  swayed  sweated  swede  sweet  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Addicted to(খারাপ কিছুতে আসক্ত): She is addicted to collecting stamps.

Entrust with (কোনো কিছু দ্বারা কাউকে বিশ্বাস করে): He entrusted me with the thing.

Make up of (গঠিত): Village is made up of many homes.

Qualified for (যোগ্য প্রতিপন্ন হওয়া): No candidate was properly qualified for the post.

Substitute for (বদলে দেওয়া): This action is substitute for that.

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Pack of lies (ডাঁহা মিথ্যা)—He told pack of lies to prove himself innocent.

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