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Shadowed :

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Shadowed : ছায়াবৃত রকা; অন্ধকারাবৃত রকা;

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sated  sawed  sea weed  seaweed  seesawed  sewed  shade  shaded  shadow  shadowed  shadowy  shady  sheathed  shed  shied  shocked  shod  shouted  showed  showiest  sided  sowed  squawked  stowed  swede  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Care of(যত্ন নেওয়া): You should take care of your health.

Faith in (বিশ্বাস): I have no faith in him.

Regard for (সম্মান): Good boys have great regard for their teachers.

Regret for (দুঃখ করা): We regretted for his failure.

Wish for (প্রত্যাশা করা): Everybody wish for happiness.

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ABC - (প্রাথমিক জ্ঞান): I don't know the ABC of politics.

For good (চিরদিনের জন্য): He left the house for good.

Laughing stock (হাসির পাত্র)— He is a laughing stock to all.

Set something right (ঠিক করা)— He will set the machine right.

Short cut (সংক্ষিপ্ত পথ)— He comes by this shortcut.

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