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Sided :

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Sided : পার্শ্বযুক্ত; ভুজযুক্ত;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Agree to(ব্যক্তি ছাড়া অন্যকিছুর সাথে একমত হওয়া): We cannot agree to your proposal.

Busy with(ব্যস্ত থাকা): Rahim is now busy with her homework.

Dull of (বধির; কানে শুনে না): He is dull of hearing.

Object to (আপত্তি করা): He objected to my proposal.

Relevant to (প্রাসঙ্গিক): Your answer is not exactly relevant to my question.

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Bear in mind (remember— মনে রাখা —V): You should also bear in mind the additional costs of the mortgage.

Bad bargain (purchasing at a high price-বেশি দামে কেনা-n) You had a bad bargain of the watch I see.

Run short (কমতি পড়া) —I ran short of money.

Show good manner (ভালো আচরণ প্রদর্শন ): You should show good manner in the company of young ladies.

Up-to-date (আধুনিক) - Now-a-days ladies are very up to date.

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