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Shed :

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Shed : চালাঘর। খসানো, ঝরানো;

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sated  sawed  scathed  scythed  seed  seedy  seethed  sewed  sexed  shade  shaded  shadowed  shady  sheathed  shed  sheet  sheeted  shied  shithead  shocked  shod  shouted  showed  shucked  sided  sighed  sighted  sized  soothed  sowed  squashed  stead  steed  sued  suede  swede  swished  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Abide by(মেনে চলা): We must abide by the rules of discipline.

Certain of(নিশ্চিত): Jamal is certain of his success.

Creep up (বৃদ্ধি পাওয়া): The prices of are creeping up day by day.

Play on (বাজানো): They play on the piano.

Search for (সন্ধান করা): The police searched the halls of residence for arms.

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At a low ebb (in an unfavorable situation প্রতিকুল অবস্থায়, ভাটির মুখে) The popularity of this singer is now at a low ebb.

Cut to the quick (মর্মাহত হওয়া): I was cut to the quick by his birds.

Run a risk (ঝুকি নেয়া) — He ran a risk to save his life.

Silver living (hope- আশা বা ভালো দিক): Every cloud has a silver lining.

To the point (সঠিক) - The boy answered the question to the point.

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