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Suite : অনুচরবর্গ; পরিষদবর্গ;

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sate  satiate  satiated  saute  sauteed  scouted  scut  shit  shithead  shouted  shut  shut-eye  side  sighted  sit  site  situate  situated  sixtieth  skit  squatted  statute  stet  stew  stye  sued  suet  suicide  suit  suite  suited  suttee  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Zeal for (উৎসাহ): Forhad has great zeal for cricket.

Convenient to(সুবিধাজনক): The work is convenient to your nature.

Decide upon (সিদ্ধান্ত করা): We have not yet decided whether we are going to picnic.

Entitled to (অধিকারী): He is entitled to a reward for honesty.

Welcome to (স্বাগত জানানো): You are welcome to our new office.

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At all (in the least degree – মোটেও না) There is no water at all in the pond.

At the latest (খুব বেশি দেরী হলে) He will arrive here at 5 p. m. at the latest.

Bird’s eye view - (ভাসা ভাসা দৃশ্য, হালকাভাবে দর্শন): We took a bird’s eye view of the scenery.

Kith and kin (নিকট আত্মীয়): He has no relation with his kith and kin.

Turn down (refuse, প্রত্যাখান করা) —He turned down my proposal.

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