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Shit : বিষ্ঠা; ঘৃণিত ব্যক্তি; ফালতু জিনিস; ; /verb/মলত্যাগ করা; crap; shithead; defecate;

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Appropriate Prepositions

Agree with(ব্যক্তির সাথে একমত হওয়া): I agree with you.

Cast aside (ছুঁড়ে ফেলা): As soon as they become rich they cast aside their poor friends.

Congratulate on(অভিনন্দন জানানো): They congratulated me on my brilliant success.

Regard for (সম্মান): Good boys have great regard for their teachers.

Substitute for (বদলে দেওয়া): This action is substitute for that.

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Backstairs influence (secret and illegal influence- গোপন এবং বে আইনী প্রভাব-n) He did not deseve the job, however, he got it by backstairs influence.

Crocodile tears (মায়াকান্না): He shed crocodile tears at our misery.

Learn by heart (মুখস্থ করা)— He learnt the poem by heart.

Maiden speech (প্রথম বক্তৃতা): His maiden speech fell flat on the audience.

Pick one’s pocket (পকেট মারা)— He tried to pick my pocket.

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