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sweaty Meaning: ঘর্মাক্ত; স্বেদাদ্র্র; কঠোর শ্রমপূর্ণ; ঘর্মস্রাবী; স্বেদাপ্লুত; ঘামে-ভেজা;

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satiety  scatty  seat  seated  sedate  set  sex act  sexact  sheath  sheathe  society  steady  sty  swat  swath  swathe  swayed  sweat  sweated  sweaty  sweet  sweetie  

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Appropriate Preposition:

Adequate to(সমানুপাতিক): The salary, he gets, is not adequate to the volume of work he has to do.

Adorn with(সাজানো/সজ্জিত করা): Adorn the car with flowers.

Apart from(ছাড়া, ব্যতীত, দূরে): They pave apart from each other.

Genius for (দক্ষতা): Nazrul had a genius for convincing girls.

With a view to (উদ্দেশ্য): I went to hospital with a view to seeing you.

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Get rid of (মুক্তি পাওয়া): Try to get rid of the rogue.

Part and parcel (অবিচ্ছেদ্য অংশ): Education is part and parcel to build a civilized nation.

Pass away (মারা যাওয়া)— He passed away last night.

Run high (বেড়ে যাওয়া) —The price of everything has run high.

To meet trouble half-way (পুরোপুরি মোকাবেলার আগেই হাল ছেড়ে দেয়া): He met trouble half way after getting the instructions.

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