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Sweaty : ঘর্মাক্ত; স্বেদাদ্র্র; কঠোর শ্রমপূর্ণ; ঘর্মস্রাবী; স্বেদাপ্লুত; ঘামে-ভেজা;

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satiety  scatty  seat  seated  sedate  set  sex act  sexact  sheath  sheathe  society  steady  sty  swat  swath  swathe  swayed  sweat  sweated  sweaty  sweet  sweetie  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Bar to(বাধা): Poverty is not a bar to happiness.

Bare of(অনাবৃত, স্বল্প-সজ্জা): The trees of the forest are bare of leaves.

Die from (কোন কিছু জন্য মারা যাওয়া): The poor person died from hunger.

Repent on (নির্ভরশীল): He is repent on his parents.

Search for (সন্ধান করা): The police searched the halls of residence for arms.

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All along - (সব সময়): I was present in the meeting all along.

Flesh and blood (রক্তমাংসের শরীর): She's my own flesh and blood; I can't believe she treated me that way!

In vogue (চালু): This custom is not in vogue at present.

Maiden speech (প্রথম বক্তৃতা): His maiden speech fell flat on the audience.

Slip of the tongue (বলায় সামান্য ভুল): This is a slip of the tongue; don’t pay much stress on it.

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