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Sweetie :

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Sweetie : মিঠাই; প্রেমিক বা প্রেমিকা;

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seated  secede  sedate  see the  seeded  seethe  seethed  seized  sestet  settee  sextet  sheet  sheeted  swathe  sweat  sweated  sweaty  swede  sweet  sweetie  

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Appropriate Prepositions

Bound for(প্রস্তুত থাকা): Although we can see that it is bound for failure, it is fascinating to follow its journey.

Consist in (কোনো কিছু মধ্য বিদ্যমান থাকা): Happiness consists in contentment.

Descend on (আক্রমণ করা): Armed thieves descended on the helpless girl.

Fantasize about (কল্পনা করা): They fantasized about winning the lottery.

Informed of (অবহিত): I was not informed of your misfortune.

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Acid test (অগ্নি পরীক্ষা): You must succeed in the acid test of the time you live in.45

Bad blood - (শত্রুতা): There has always been bad blood between these families.

Easy and free (অমায়িক): The boy is easy and free, so he has many friends.

Fair and square (সৎ): The learned persons should be fair and square.

Kith and kin (নিকট আত্মীয়): He has no relation with his kith and kin.

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